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I’m not really sure why… but it was. I felt enveloped in a cloud of sadness. It could be the death of my Uncle or the fact that my aunt is slowly dying, It could be an argument between my sons and I, It could be the total lack of spending and emergency cash, I suppose it could even be the added responsibility of the new dog. Lack of sleep, change of diet, waiting on test results and 8 million other little stresses that have been included in my everyday life…. Maybe it was one of these or a combination of a whole lot of them, I don’t know. Basically I just feel overwhelmed.

I even considered making an appointment with a counselor to help me wade through the massive amounts of garbage that seems to be dragging me down.

all I do know is that I have some WONDERFUL friends and family out there that listened to me rant about everything and nothing and in the end I felt better. Today is a new day! I got my test results back yesterday – Guess what ?!?!!? I’m normal! lol

One worry down and 7 million nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine left to go.


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I’ve gotten quite addicted to the game of Batheo. It reminds me of my Genghis Khan/Romance of the three kingdom days playing along side my best friends.
You build up troops, equip them, go to war with other factions, Levy taxes, enhance skills and more. The whole family is playing and its been fun.

I miss those all nighters trying to take over the world. It was great seeing the different strategies from the different players. I’m going to have to see about getting those games up and running again.

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Looking back at the first house we bought. Right now the peaches should be ripening on the trees, the grapevine heavy with grapes and the almond tree heavily leaning due to the weight of the almonds.
The two-story house in California was designed exactly as I had wanted with earth tones, tile floors and lots of windows. The yard was fenced in half, giving me a spot for my trees and plants and a place for the dogs. I even had chickens – illegally mind you.

There are times when I look around this house – with so much left to be done – and I miss the California house. So many plans, So much to do.. and most importantly so much I’m Waiting for. Waiting is the hardest part; Waiting for money, waiting for time, waiting for the plants to fruit, waiting for the chicks to actually start laying, etc…

But in reality this house is perfect. Single floor design, Lots of windows and skylights, a huge backyard (that is in desperate need of help) and most importantly its set in a state that I love.
I am so grateful for the things I have, for those that I can control and those things I have no control over.

I am reminded daily of the multitude of blessings that I have.

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Adding a new dog to an already existing pack is difficult. You have to worry about fights, ego, pecking order, and rules.
Daisy was calm and obedient and a little skittish (but that was to be expected with a new environment) when we picked her up. It took three days for her to feel comfortable enough to rebel – by then we had let our guard down.

My first mistake was housing Daisy in my room at night (In Oreo’s crate). It made Oreo lose confidence in her status. Daisy was in my room – which was allowed by invitation only, and she took possession of Oreo’s crate.
I corrected this oversight this weekend by Moving Daisy into my youngest’s room (still in the crate) and moving Oreo into mine.
The change in Oreo is dramatic! She is very much back to her old self!

We also had a fight this weekend – over food. sigh. I was warned that Daisy was food aggressive but like I had said earlier, I had let my guard down. Luckily no one was hurt – and Luckily for Daisy – she picked a fight with Oreo and not Hubby’s little princess Willow.

All in all the fight was broken up and pecking order re-established. They have even started playing! YAY! Now if I could only get them to play OUTSIDE.. hehe

Daisy has also calmed down around the hordes of chickens running free in the back yard. occasionally it gets too much for her and she takes off after one… but that’s to be expected. I have high hopes. She is intelligent and learns quickly.

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We got to eat a fig.. OOOOhhhhh so good! There is nothing like figs fresh off the tree. Next year we should get a good crop.

Blackberries produced nicely and I even got a few Yellow raspberries. The Logan berries are unusually stubborn – While the plant is growing strong there are no signs of berries at all.

I ate an unripe grape yesterday. They were green and solid but had a wonderfully tart flavor with well-formed seeds (which is what I was going for. I hate seedless anything). When they ripen they should be fantastic. I am so excited.

At first the topsy-turvies did great! Giving the plant room to grow steady and strong, but then my plants started to wilt and wither away. I was very disappointed. However, after adding a bit of vegetable fertilizer, they seem to be recovering well.

I picked my first black Prince Tomato today, and I think I picked it a little early. Even if I did, I have to say the flavor was Fantastic!
I look forward to growing these every year. I plan on saving the seeds and starting my own plants next spring.

I am starting to get eggs from my Silver Lace Pullets. That is awesome and early. LOL. The rest of them are right on schedule and should start laying in July some time.
I also have had my first taste of the season of farm raised chicken! I have missed that. My broth came out a beautiful amber color with full flavor. It is such a difference from store-bought.
I have to cull a few more this weekend to get the population down to a safe and healthy level.

My rabbits are almost ready to breed. I will probably breed them after I get home from my vacation, so I can monitor their weight gain and how well they are settling in.
I had originally wanted to have my colony cage set up before I bred, but in reality this is a better way. This way I can easily monitor their progress and the babies once they are born. I am pretty excited.
Rabbits are easy to feed, easy to maintain and a great provider of quality lean meat. I used to raise them as a teen-ager.

Daisy has been learning that the chickens are mine, but it’s slow going.. they are such wonderful noisy toys running around tempting and teasing. In the end I think she’ll do just fine.

Well that’s all for the updates.

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I started a new book at the beginning of this month. My Karillion novel was getting to be too much like work. I was beginning to have to force myself to write – and that’s not good.

So I sat down and changed directions, starting a new novel. I am not giving up on the old one, just letting the story rest for a bit.

I am very happy with the flow of this one, the ease of writing and the clarity that it is coming through.

I just wanted to let you know what was taking up so much of my time lately.

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We welcome a new addition to our family. A mixed breed dog named Daisy. She looks like a tall Border collie and is smart and lively. So far she’s gotten along fine with the cat and two dogs, but the chickens are another matter.. They are just soooooooo exciting. She can hardly stand it. heh.

I’m sure with a little work she’ll be a great farm dog.

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