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Good Morning World

Today has started out a little iffy, but I am sitting here with a hot cup of coffee and the whole day stretched out before me – so there’s a chance of turning it all around.
I believe I will be doing some writing today. I just a lovely week on the lake (week before last) during which I completed 40 pages (written). Now all I have to do is put them into the computer and flesh them out a bit. I’m pretty excited. This book is coming much faster and smoother than my last attempt.
(Raises cup of coffee) Here’s to seeing past the numerous things I *SHOULD* be doing, in order to concentrate on writing.

As for the animals, Everyone is fed and watered. No baby bunnies, yet, this morning. (Sigh) By my calculations they should have been born last night. It’s okay, Im not giving up hope. She’s still fussing about in the nest.

Two chickens dead today. Not good. I thought we got passed most of this. The first one I kind of expected – she was looking a little rough yesterday. I was hoping it was just the wind. But my Silverlace? I didn’t see that coming at all.
Well, Two little prayers said, and their little bodies donated to the feed-a-predator foundation.

Speaking of prayers – My prayer list has been long lately. There are so many people, sick, in the hospital, in danger, out of work and more. It’s not that I’m tired of praying, or that I don’t want to lift my voice to the heavens – it’s just that I’m saddened to see soooo many people in need. I can’t figure out if this “Time” in history is THAT much worse, or if I’m just getting older and noticing/a part of more. No wonder adults remember the past with fondness – Less friends sick and dying, more time to play, less responsibilities – Ignorance can be bliss.

My gratitudes:
Despite the two deaths, my chickens seem healthier than they have in a Long long long long time! Baby bunnies should still be on the way!!! My Family is working and the car is getting fixed. My boys love me and like to talk to me! I could keep going but it seems more like bragging right now. 🙂 I love my life. I am surrounded by people who love and Like me. We have all the basic necessities and life is good.


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Baked beans

I took a portion of the soaked and cooked beans and made baked beans with them.

Soak beans for 24 hours,
Put in crock pot with V-8, 2 cloves of garlic, chopped bell pepper, chopped tomato and chopped onion
cook for 12-15 hours on low.
Add a dollop of molasses and brown sugar to taste.

These are so easy and VERY VERY good!

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1 cup of dried Black beans,
1 cup of navy beans
1 cup of red beans,
1 bottle of V-8
4 cloves of garlic
2 bell peppers chopped
3 tomatoes or 6 roma
1 onion chopped
3 small seranos or 1 large one (optional)
shot of whiskey, (or a cup of beer if that’s your preference) (optional)
1 small pork roast
black pepper
Red pepper

soak beans for 24 hours
Cook them over night in the crockpot in the V-8 Juice

Dice garlic and add to crockpot,
Add a shot of whiskey
Chop onion, pepper, tomatoes, and seranno add to the frying pan.
Chop pork into small cubes and add to the frying pan,
season with seasonings, and cook until onions are soft and pork is done.
Add the mixture to the crockpot and let cook until you get home at the end of the day.

If you don’t have a crock pot, just put it in a large pan on the range and cook covered.

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I have been trying for 11 years to get a good set of beans. Flavor is great but the texture has always been off.
Now I have finally gotten it!

I let the beans soak for 24 hours. (or at least 12 hours if you are pressed for time)
and cook them over night (crock pot) in a tomato base (instead of simple water)

For both the Chili and the Baked beans I used v-8. The texture and flavor came out perfect. I am SOOOO Happy! It is so much more cost efficient to use dried over canned that I just kept trying. I think it is the acidic value of the tomatoes that breaks down the texture to what I’m used to.

I had to share! Thats the secret that no one tells you. 🙂

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Update ….

Seems to me that is the name of all my posts lately. They all start the same. Sorry I’ve been busy . unfortunately that is still true.

Farm Update:
The first breeding failed. No babies and the loss of one doe. I was so sad. However I decided to give it one more go with this buck. The due date is fast approaching and I believe that Jaidev is pregnant. She is shedding her fur and lining her nest and I am anxiously awaiting babies. Pearl … not so much. So either A) she’s going to have the babies right there on the cage floor or .. Not pregnant.
I don’t know who to blame. The buck? or my does? I am breeding them late – but I find it really difficult to believe it is all them. I am more than likely going to get a few more does and begin again with a brand new buck. I will keep everyone updated when the baby bunnies come!

The chickens got switched to the old way of feeding them. Whole oats, black oil sunflower seed, and a scratch grain mix. I am also giving them some laying mash/high protein starter, but the majority of their food is that seed plus what they can catch. I used to be feeding them commercial feed (Southern states) and I’ll tell you what.. I Have NEVER had so many problems with sickness and thrift before. For a while even the predators were avoiding my chickens.. sigh.

But I am happy to say that they are back to normal! Praise God, and shout for joy!
They look good, they sound good and they are returning to the way they should be!

Life is good!

The Boys:
JJ starts school in Spring. I am so proud of him! He’s going to major in Psychology. Maybe he’ll figure out how crazy I am. 😉 Girlfriend is doing great and comes over often now. I like her and I like them together. He is happy and that’s what is important. 😀

MC got his HOPE scholorship taken away. It was a horribly sad and frustrating time. Thats part of why you haven’t heard from me in so long. He’s done so well, focusing on the fact that he still has his loans in place, he still has his job, and he’s still able to pursue his goals. I’m so proud of him. He’s doing well, making friends and getting good grades. What more could I ask for? 😀

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