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2015, what a year!

I have decided to stop labeling them as good or bad. No matter what, each year will be filled with good and bad, happy and sad, anger and relief. What you focus on, determines how you feel about this particular passage of time and how you will remember it.

2015 held a lot of losses; People and animals passing away, friendships broken, and plenty of tears cried.
On the same note, it also held a lot of joy; my brother’s sobriety, my son’s graduation,my niece’s marriage, and the births of TWO grand nephews!

I have a lot to be grateful for in 2015 and that is what I choose to focus on. I love you all, and I wish a bright and positive 2016.


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Mocha and Vincent Van Goat


Mocha and Buttercup

Mocha is a Nubian,
Vincent is a Nigerian dwarf,
And Buttercup is a Nigerian cross.

Good milking goats!  I probably wont try my hand at making cheese until 2017, but i am very excited at the prospect of learning a new skill.

I have high hopes for the trio to help me reclaim my yard after 3 years of neglect.

I intend to convert an old shed for a winter shelter and use a covered dog run for the warmer seasons . 
On paper, I think that I have it all worked out, but real life rarely follows the plans of mere mortals.  So we shall take it one step at a time. Adapt and move forward!

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Cold-Buster Chili

5 medium to large cloves of garlic
4 serrano peppers
2 medium sized onions
2 bell peppers (any color)
2 lbs of meat [i use pork and beef]
1 28oz can of crushed tomatoes
Olive oil
Tabasco sauce
Spices (cumin, tumeric, blk pepper, salt, crushed red pepper, cayenne, ancho, chipotle)

Put a little olive oil in the bottom of the pan and start cooking the meat.  Season meat with spices
Break the meat up into tiny bits.

Put cloves of garlic, serrano peppers, and one onion into food processor and pulse until minced. 
Add to the pot

Chop bells and last onion and add to the pot.
Add crushed tomatoes,
Add 1 shot of whiskey
Add Tabasco sauce and salt and pepper to taste.
Simmer on low until flavors blend (about two to three hours)

Serve with sour cream, cheddar cheese, and/or green onions

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I hope this is not becoming a trend now.  It seems like i catch a cold every time my hubby has time off.

Bad luck?
Or a weakened immune system?

Who knows.  What i do know is that it has to stop.  I’m tired of “recovering” from chemo.  I just want my life back.

2016 is the year i intend to steer my hobby farm away from being a money sink. Clear out the saplings, set up free ranging pastures for the chickens, and get a trio of goats.

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Rescued from the animal shelter at 9 months old we are now going through the process of setting boundaries.  So far he is learning fairly quickly.

I forgot how much like a toddler they are at this age. 
Silence is golden unless you have a child/puppy, then silence is suspicious – very suspicious!

The cat is not amused at this adoption/adaption process.  She keeps voting to send him back.  My older dog would be happier if he found someone else to bother and the chickens are dumbfounded.  Lol

It will work out in the end.  🙂  I still owe you guys some recipes.  I haven’t forgotten.

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Happy Birthday Dad,
I know that where you are, you are enjoying a good hot cup of coffee without interruption, eating a piece of rhubarb pie and your ankle no longer hurts.

It’s not about regrets or things left unsaid. It’s not about needs not being met, it’s just that, selfishly, I miss your laughter, your advice and being able to hear your voice.

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The 12th is a very important day.  My oldest boy has worked hard and studied hard and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science.  We are so proud of him.

My mom and my in-laws will be arriving in the next few days to see him walk. Afterward they will be staying for a
Thanks-Christmas Celebration! 

I’m anxious and excited all wrapped into one.  That being said, more than likely posts will drop off again, until after they leave.

Soon to come
Recipes for
Gluten free pecan pie
Pumpkin custard
Grilled liver and hearts
And maybe shrimp scampi

See you soon and be safe
Happy Holidays!

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