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What could be better? It will be just me and my writing for about 5 days! Sunrise on the porch sipping coffee, (For inspiration, ya know.), walks along the trees, (excercise) and with any luck – clarity!

I hit a number of small slumps this week and I’m hoping that the change of scenery will do me some good.

JJ is taking care of the animals, the processing of the chickens is on hold for one more week, and the hubby has subway cards.
I think I’m good.


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Sorry for my absence everyone. Life has been coming at me fast and I’ve been spending all my time dodging.

my youngest’s 21 birthday in Las Vegas was a Splash! Awesome time was had by all. My Mom, and sisters and one brother-in-law, My Parent in-laws, sister and brother in-law, and J.’s best friend got together and had a great time. We saw Penn and Teller! Awesome show!!! Ate at Max Brenners , Simply Fabulous! I had a good time.

My oldest, MC, has gone back to school and is sorting through the kind of crap life throws at you from time to time. They lost his housing application (and yet were able to cash his check – imagine that) Now he’s on a waiting list for housing. 😦 Good news is we were able to pool enough money to keep him from living in his car until his loans kick in. 😉 He is doing well. I am very proud of him and how he’s handling it.

Hubby has an assistant!!! YAY! He needed one badly! He’s still not coming home any earlier but at least he’s not as grouchy when he does come home.

On a good note, I’ve been doing a lot of writing – getting the book about halfway through. I am considering changing it into a trilogy, so that it doesn’t get to be a huge book deterring would be readers.

Mini Farm
Plants – Mostly dead, Chickens – sick and on antibiotics, Rabbits – healthy and set to be bred today.

Topsy-turvies did not work for me. I got a lot of plant and very little tomato, Strawberries hated the thing! (You would have thought with water to the roots that they would have gone wild.. but no) I have one eggplant growing slowly. Not sure what that’s going to do. Peppers did okay in the beginning but not so good now. I think they need more fertilizer than the topsy-turvy can hold.
My asparagus though is doing GREAT! I shall have lots of it come spring! YUM
Lavender died out early on, but the thyme is doing well and so is the rosemary. I have high hopes.

Chickens are sick. They got hit hard but are on antibiotics now. I will butcher starting on the 22nd. They need a good dose of yogurt to get their digestive system back on track, and cider vinegar in the water will help too.

Bred today, which means they’ll have a litter around the 12th of Sept. I’m excited. They were born in Jan. (7 months old.) Which is why I’m breeding them today, despite the sick chickens. If you leave them too long they can go sterile. Fingers crossed that I didn’t wait too long.

Update on the rabbit business: Sigh, Absolutely no interest.. I picked up and examined Peter (Formally Pearl) only to realize I was right in the beginning. Sigh now I have three does and no buck at all. I have to figure out what to do.

Well, that’s my catch up… I’ll try to get back in the swing of things. I hope everyone is doing well.

I am struggling with gratitudes lately – might be one of the reasons why I haven’t been posting. So I’m going to start with the basics. We, as a nation, even at our poorest, are so much better off than we realize. Those of us who aren’t homeless are actually rich. Running water, hot and cold, enough food to eat -even if we don’t like it, Shelter from the weather, clean(ISH) air, Clean water and clothes on our backs. We have people who love us, care about us, Friends and family. Despite all the things that try to drag us down – we are blessed. I am blessed.

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I started a new book at the beginning of this month. My Karillion novel was getting to be too much like work. I was beginning to have to force myself to write – and that’s not good.

So I sat down and changed directions, starting a new novel. I am not giving up on the old one, just letting the story rest for a bit.

I am very happy with the flow of this one, the ease of writing and the clarity that it is coming through.

I just wanted to let you know what was taking up so much of my time lately.

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