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I never used to call them cabbage rolls, growing up, my mom always called them pigs in a blanket.
So once i got married i decided to share one of my favorite winter meals.  My hubby was so excited when he heard what I was making for dinner…..
And he was just as disappointed when what i served was not little sausages wrapped in pancakes.  Lol

1 head of cabbage boiled until flexible.
2-3 cloves of garlic minced
1 onion minced
1/4 cup of parmesan cheese
1lb ground pork (i used pork sausage this time)
1 lb ground beef
Grated cheese
Roasted tomatoes,  a can of sauce or left over Spaghetti sauce.                                       Grated cheese.


Boil cabbage, core and separate leaves
Set aside
In a bowl mix spices (oregano, basil, salt, pepper, fennel, crushed red pepper), Parmesan cheese, and meats together.
In the old days we would add rice to stretch
Mix well
Pull out a couple of baking dishes.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Spoon meat into cabbage leave and roll tight.  Place roll in pan.
Fill pan, top with sauce or roasted tomatoes and sprinkle lightly with cheese.
Bake for 1.5 to 2 hours and test a small roll


Often served with mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower.


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To all fathers:  biological fathers, step fathers, guardians, foster fathers, and single parents.

To those who provide and protect.

To big brothers, uncles, friends of the family, to the military, firefighters and police.

Thank you for being role models and taking an interest in our lives.

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Happy Mothers Day to all caregivers out there: moms, grandparents, guardians, single dads, step moms, foster moms, nurses and teachers.
Thank you for your love and dedication. Thank you for your sleepless nights and attention.  Thank you for your healing kisses, warm hugs and advice.

You shape our thoughts, encourage our dreams, and push us to succeed.
Thank you

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2015, what a year!

I have decided to stop labeling them as good or bad. No matter what, each year will be filled with good and bad, happy and sad, anger and relief. What you focus on, determines how you feel about this particular passage of time and how you will remember it.

2015 held a lot of losses; People and animals passing away, friendships broken, and plenty of tears cried.
On the same note, it also held a lot of joy; my brother’s sobriety, my son’s graduation,my niece’s marriage, and the births of TWO grand nephews!

I have a lot to be grateful for in 2015 and that is what I choose to focus on. I love you all, and I wish a bright and positive 2016.

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Happy Birthday Dad,
I know that where you are, you are enjoying a good hot cup of coffee without interruption, eating a piece of rhubarb pie and your ankle no longer hurts.

It’s not about regrets or things left unsaid. It’s not about needs not being met, it’s just that, selfishly, I miss your laughter, your advice and being able to hear your voice.

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My farm life has dwindled significantly since the last time I wrote.  Once diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer and with the prospect of 6 months of chemo looming in front of me, I simply gave away most of my animals.  I still have the ducks and some of the chickens.

it took me a long time to decide if I wanted to keep them.  Cancer has a way of making you question even the basic decisions of your life.  After talking it over with the hubby, we have decided to keep what we have and see what life throws at us from now on.  So maybe goats are in my future or maybe not – just not sure.

I lost so much this last year, it makes my head spin to even think about it. One of my best friends lost her husband in March and moved to another state in May,
I lost a 30 year old friendship (different friend), over a difference of opinion and  the inability to sympathize with my situation.  It was on both sides because I was in no way patient or understanding about what she might be going through also.
my dog died in June, followed by my father dying at the end of June.
I spent two months in Arizona helping my mom and going through belongings only to come back and try and get back on track in my own house.

It has been a whirlwind of  anxiety, anger, fear and grief, but its over now and I’m the stronger for it.  I know who my real friends are, the ones that care for me, and there is no greater stabilizing factor in the world than that.  Hubby and I have reaffirmed our love, our lives and our goals – I feel loved and secure and happier than I have in a long long time.

I can honestly say, in spite of what 2015 held, I am glad to be alive!  There is Joy!  There is happiness! and it doesn’t come from objects or circumstances, it comes from inside.

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…. No matter how painful or uncomfortable it makes me. Right?

My entire life I’ve spent saving up for a rainy day. I saved up money for emergencies, I bought bulk foods for lean times, Clothes too little (because I was going to lose weight), Clothes too big because for my bloated days, etc…

No more.

Starting now I am committed (or should be) to living in the now. Depending more on my chickens and rabbits and less on the stores. Planting more things (that I can’t kill) and eating that instead of getting cases of bananas and freezing them.
That doesn’t mean I am not going to freeze or can stuff. It means that I am going to stop relying on my frozen and canned foods. I am going to focus more toward in season foods and what I can produce on my own.

I don’t like it.
It makes me feel very vulnerable.
it makes me feel unprepared and anxious.

But I’ve felt the push for over a month now and all my bulk stuff is either no longer allowed on my diet or going bad too quickly to use or process. I feel the whispering voice of God guiding me despite my resistance and I must follow.

I haven’t been doing much other than posting recipes lately and thus no place for the gratitudes. That will also change.
I am grateful for friends! People I can talk to. People who listen. People who give honest advice and opinions – and yet let me make my own decision. I am grateful for support groups and freedom of speech, life-style, opinion, religion and ideals. I am grateful that I can live in the “now”, taking each moment for what it is… a precious gift that will never come again. Today I am just grateful.

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