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Day at the Doctors

Well here I am, a poor example of womanhood.
I hit puberty in the 7th grade (later than normal) and here I am at 44 years of age, hitting menopause. Add to that the fact that I could not give birth naturally (2 c-sections), evolutionarily speaking I am a waste of space.

I don’t know why I am so upset about this. I wasn’t trying to get pregnant. I already have two beautiful boys grown and IMHO wonderful additions to society. I don’t know.

I’m going to go sulk now. I’ll try to find the gratitude later.


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My son, officially settled in at Savannah State University, has left his room here to transform into an office for me! I have added a desk, my server/writing computer, and a lamp to help with visual and creative Illumination.

With all of that… It surprises me that I am still having issues.

Here I have this wonderful office to work in, my own desk, a door to close out the world, a window to look through and above all…. Quiet, and yet, with all of that – my muse, my inspiration, my creativity, remains just as stifled as it was in the busy, hustle and bustle of my kitchen.

Maybe it just takes a little getting used to?
Maybe it will take some adjustment of the furniture to get the proper feng shui energy in the room.
Or perhaps it’s just that I dont’ have much to look at out the window.

I don’t know… I’m still working on it.
If you have any ideas, please feel free to post them

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Man! What a Long hard road. Friday, the start of Mother’s day weekend, our modem started acting up. At the time we attributed the disturbance in the force to the servers we were playing on and the high traffic of a holiday weekend. Saturday morning – KABLOOEY, Internet down.

With the hubby being an IT tech I wasn’t worried, just impatient. I had the whole weekend planned out. I wanted to spend the morning finishing up the Children’s Week quests (yes, we are a World of Warcraft Family) and I had wheedled the boys into getting my Paladin to 85 (max level) as a mother’s day gift.

After The hubby figured out the problem was in the modem and he couldn’t fix the problem himself, he called AT&T direct. After 10 minutes on hold, he received tech support from a… Misguided? New hire? .. For good Karma sake let’s go with a young lady who offered to ship us one over night so that it would get there tomorrow.

That should have been Our first clue… Tomorrow was SUNDAY.

After continued conversation she informed us that we could drive to the local AT&T store and pick it up that day. She added that they would still bill the account so there was no upfront costs to us and that she hoped we’d have a good weekend. Hubby asked her three times if she was sure that we could pick it up at the store and that they would bill the account. She, Three times, assured us that it would work out that way. We also confirmed the address of the local AT&T store a couple of times as our destination.
So off we went.

The local AT&T store wasn’t too far away and the man we dealt with there was really nice. He informed us that they didn’t even carry a stock of modems and had never heard of picking it up at the store and billing the account. As far as he knew, it just wasn’t done that way.

That should have been our SECOND clue.

The address of the repair facility made the trip 40 miles, but since my heart was set on a family raid and finishing the children’s week quests, Hubby smiled and we loaded back into the car. We’ll do Lunch at “Five Guys” while we’re out there, and its a beautiful day to be out and about… What the hell.

The second AT&T store was hell. The attendants were rude, they wanted to charge us almost twice the price for the modem and when we told them about the customer service deal, he simply turned and helped a different customer. I was so angry I could have spit in his face. Hubby gets back on the phone (good thing it was the weekend so it didn’t use up my minutes) and waited on hold for OVER 20 minutes.

I was about ready to take my phone back and do a little tap dance on it. At the end of the LONG wait we finally got a helpful support. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear… It wasn’t what I had wanted for Mother’s day at all.. But at least she was honest, and friendly and apologetic. She shipped us the modem, apologized for all the hassle and hoped we still had a good mother’s day. By that time I was beyond angry.

We stopped off, grabbed burgers and headed home. Everyone was kind of lost without internet but we made due by watching movies as a family. Eventually I got in a better mood.

Mother’s day was wonderful, despite the lack of internet. THe boys took me out to breakfast and to Stone Mountain! I am glad we had the time time together without the internet, but I would have still liked to finish the Children’s week quests. 😉

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I just read an article that said “Is our military too white and too male?”

The Week

Should the military do something to help women and minorities advance in the ranks?

My two cents is this…

I think the Military rank should be based on a merit system – not on how much time you served in ROTC, or who your dad is, how much money you have, or whether or not you’re black, asian, hispanic, female, or alien. Just like our Firefighters and Police, there should be minimum requirements in physical, mental and psychological aspects in order to join, place and lead.

I put far more value on an elite (And SANE) fighting force than I do with an equal but diverse range of gender, ethnic, and religious people leading.

The should NOT do something to help them – other than make sure the reviewers are not biased in one direction or the other.
Standards should not be lowered. If that means that women will never be firefighters than so be it. (This is an old rant that I thought was dead and buried.. obviously it’s not)

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I am grateful for the public schools.
My views do not matter; Whether I am for tenure or against it, whether I think teachers are over paid or under paid, have it easy or are worked hard, class size is too large or small.

I am grateful that this country has a (Socialist) program that allows all children to have the opportunities to be educated – regardless of race, creed, wealth, status, or religious background.
Even though children do not view it as such, it is an important part of our lives. School not only teaches us the basics; English, Math, History, Science, but it also teaches us how to get along with people – even people you don’t like. It involves us with theater, music, art, and physical education. It helps us develop our skills and find out what we’re good at, what we like and dislike, and how to get through despite our likes and dislikes.

I think we should treat our teachers better. I would rather a teacher have the salary than a foot ball player or an actor. I think the teaching is more important than sports or movies – but I digress.

Our times in Elementary school, middle school and High school help shape us into the people we are.

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I keep reading about food shortages and riots over food – from reliable sources such as news papers and magazines to opinion based reports from blogs and commentaries.

It’s no longer something for only the Tin-hatter groups to talk about. Now it seems to be on everyone’s lips. Extreme weather, bio-fuels, devaluation of the dollar, the high price of oil all seem to work against the reasonable cost of food.

The proper response has nothing to do with whining or crying, or buckling down and paying for it. The proper response is to start working to provide for you and your family members. Plant a victory garden, raise some chickens, recycle plastics and aluminum cans, cut costs, cut energy bills, buy local, buy dry goods, can your own surplus and more.

seriously people – we need to get prepared! Now let’s say you do all this work and start a garden and raise some chickens.. and it’s all for nothing. The food shortage doesn’t hit us as hard as it might. What have you lost? A little time? Fresh eggs and produce to supplement your food?

But blaming and complaining will get you little and accomplish even less – It is not the fault of the lousy democrats or the greedy republicans, It is not the fault of conservative or liberal, It is not the fault of our president or the middle east.

It is simply the way of things.

If anything it is our practices of trying to control nature instead of living along side her. SHE is not something to be fought or controlled. Nature was here before us.. and will be here long after us – learn to coexist.

Okay, my rant is done…
I’ll get off my soap box now.

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Do you ever notice that when you are filled with anticipation (Vacation, weekend, holiday dinner, etc) that time seems to slow waaaaay down prior to the event. It’s a freak of nature or the time-space continuum – The more you want it – the slower time goes.
Crazy huh?

We had a good Christmas week. 4 days of Christmas, Lights, opening gifts, laughing and joking around, and of course Muppet Christmas Carol. Holiday festivities include Christmas Eve – Ham dinner, Christmas Day Turkey dinner, as well as cookies, pies, cakes and gift foods throughout the other two days.

On a day that should be centered around giving, I find myself questioning if its simply surrounded by sloth and gluttony disguised as Love and giving. Have we turned the holiday into self (and other) indulgence? Don’t get me wrong, we give… Money to the Salvation army elves outside of stores, toys for tots, Christmas Angels, and the like. But that is not a centering, that is the fringe elements. Most of us do for family first.

I cringe as I write this, because I like our family celebrations.

I think next year I shall take one of the days and volunteer my time at the homeless shelter; serving food to the homeless or washing dishes, or whatever they need.

I am so grateful that during this cold spell, that I have had a roof over my head and central heating. It was unseasonably cold this December. I am also grateful for the snow we received on Christmas! what a wonderous gift!!! A White Christmas! So rare and so beautiful and so very festive. I am grateful for the friends and family I have in Georgia as well as the friends and family in other states. I am grateful for the friends and family that encompass all races, religions, political affiliations and tin-hat collections.
Life is so good to me, even when I fail to recognise the goodness at the time – I can always look back and focus my view on how much worse it could have been, rather than focusing on how much better.

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