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Tomato (Roma)
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper to taste
Feta cheese (optional)

In the food processor Pulse the Parsley and kale until finely chopped.  Add to the bowl.
Next, Pulse the onion and garlic until finely chopped.  add to the bowl and mix well.
Next, Pulse the Cashews  and add to the bowl.  add to the bowl and mix well.
Seed the Tomatoes and skin the cucumber and chop fine by hand
Mix well,

Add Olive oil, Lemon Juice (better to be the juice of one lemon, but concentrate will do in a pinch) and salt and pepper to taste.
I had finely chopped feta cheese to the mixture for my own tastes.

Let sit over night (my own preference) to let the flavors blend.


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I canceled the deal for the goats.  After a long talk and negotiation with my hubby, we have decided that even though the price and availability was perfect- the timing is not.

I am still not recovered enough after chemo to dive back in.
My son is moving out soon, so his help is gone.
And the money that would be spent on care and feeding would be better spent on repairs and other household projects.

I am disappointed and relieved, all in the same breath.

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Mocha and Vincent Van Goat


Mocha and Buttercup

Mocha is a Nubian,
Vincent is a Nigerian dwarf,
And Buttercup is a Nigerian cross.

Good milking goats!  I probably wont try my hand at making cheese until 2017, but i am very excited at the prospect of learning a new skill.

I have high hopes for the trio to help me reclaim my yard after 3 years of neglect.

I intend to convert an old shed for a winter shelter and use a covered dog run for the warmer seasons . 
On paper, I think that I have it all worked out, but real life rarely follows the plans of mere mortals.  So we shall take it one step at a time. Adapt and move forward!

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My farm life has dwindled significantly since the last time I wrote.  Once diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer and with the prospect of 6 months of chemo looming in front of me, I simply gave away most of my animals.  I still have the ducks and some of the chickens.

it took me a long time to decide if I wanted to keep them.  Cancer has a way of making you question even the basic decisions of your life.  After talking it over with the hubby, we have decided to keep what we have and see what life throws at us from now on.  So maybe goats are in my future or maybe not – just not sure.

I lost so much this last year, it makes my head spin to even think about it. One of my best friends lost her husband in March and moved to another state in May,
I lost a 30 year old friendship (different friend), over a difference of opinion and  the inability to sympathize with my situation.  It was on both sides because I was in no way patient or understanding about what she might be going through also.
my dog died in June, followed by my father dying at the end of June.
I spent two months in Arizona helping my mom and going through belongings only to come back and try and get back on track in my own house.

It has been a whirlwind of  anxiety, anger, fear and grief, but its over now and I’m the stronger for it.  I know who my real friends are, the ones that care for me, and there is no greater stabilizing factor in the world than that.  Hubby and I have reaffirmed our love, our lives and our goals – I feel loved and secure and happier than I have in a long long time.

I can honestly say, in spite of what 2015 held, I am glad to be alive!  There is Joy!  There is happiness! and it doesn’t come from objects or circumstances, it comes from inside.

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Farm update

I am having a heck of a time with the hobby farm. Because of the long spring (and no winter) we have had a major increase in snakes – all of which are hungry. I have lost more chicks, sigh. They are Ga black snakes, totally harmless (except to mice frogs and my poor chicks) and as a bonus they keep away the Copperheads. Normally I just relocate the extras – but this year! THIS YEAR! I’m considering snake for my next meal.

I have lost 12 chicks to the snakes over the summer. 😦 even my favorite grey blue chick (whom I kept in the house to keep safe while I was purging the yard)

My ducklings didn’t hatch. Out of 15-17 eggs – nothing. sigh. In hindsight though, it’s a good thing that they didn’t. I’d have lost them to the snakes as well.

My Lion head mama rabbit also passed away – right before kindling. I am thinking a combination of heat and stress from the snakes did it. I am watching the second rabbit anxiously to see if she will kindle or If I just need to throw in the towel for the rabbits.

The topsy turvies didn’t work for the zucchini but the cucumber is taking off! 😀 Strawberries didn’t produce but the leaves are heathy and large. The horseradish, rhubarb and asparagus are doing great.

Despite these set backs and disappointments things are going well for the family. I have an amazing group of family and friends that are very supportive, offer ideas and comfort when I lose another one. I keep reminding myself that there are always going to be good times and bad. You just have to keep your eyes on the positive aspects and move forward.
My writing has picked up, and Autumn is coming! Life is good!

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Who would have known that asparagus is sooo soooo floppy. Apparently I didn’t bury them deep enough when I first planted them because they are laying across the walk. Hubby says he has a solution – the lawn mower. sigh.
We’re talking about setting up green fence poles and stringing twine from one to another in order to give them a little support. I plan on mulching them pretty well to help keep them moist during the summer months and that would help me considerably. I’m just sad that it will be ugliness in the front yard.

I’m also thinking of moving the table and chairs into the front yard, after he mows this weekend. I’ll set them up next to the swing so I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Squirrels dug up all the bulbs that I had planted – well, most of them. I gathered up what I could salvage and planted them closer to the house. With any luck they will thrive. 😀

The horseradish is coming back up! I thought I had killed it. (Even plants that are impossible to kill have death threats at my house. It’s a good thing I wasn’t born in the pioneer days – We’d starve)

I’m going to plant Zuchinni and yellow squash and maybe bell peppers in the topsy turvy. Can you invision that? LOL
I didn’t care for the way they grew the tomatoes. Maybe roma would do better… ? I don’t know.

I have 3 broody hens sitting on eggs. lets hope they hatch out chicks this time.
Rabbits are doing good. It’s time to breed them again also. Fingers crossed on that front as well.

Fig tree is finally showing its leaves. Apple trees are doing well. I haven’t braved the far back to check on the chestnut, mulberry or peach tree yet.

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Hatching failure.

Well the hatching was a total and complete failure! 24 eggs went in.. and three weeks later not a single hatch. (Sigh) I guess the Universe is telling me that this is not the time.

Although I have to take a good look at my two young roosters. Perhaps they are simply not up to the task. I will try again in June or July and see if I get any better of a hatch.

Other than that, my flock is back to being happy and healthy and foraging on their own. 😀

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