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My Aunt passed away on Tuesday the 12th. I have mixed feelings. She was an awesome woman, loved by all, but it was her time. She had no quality of life left. She has spent the last few years in the later stages of MS and plagued by multitudes of problems making her situation worse. With the end of times surrounding us she couldn’t eat, talk, move or even lift her head. It was hard to see her this way, so far from the vibrant belly dancing woman that she was. She always had a smile and a kind word to say, She was quiet but opinionated and I loved her dearly.


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It was a sad day for all of us yesterday when we took Daisy back to her original owners. 😦 She was a great dog! Good with people, dogs and cats. She just wasn’t good with chickens. It breaks my heart, since she and Oreo (my other dog) had finally started to play and hang out together.
On a plus note – we are really close to finding her a home (without chickens). Keep your fingers crossed.

On a second plus note: My son comes home today! YAY! He’s going to be spending the weekend here. I haven’t really seen him since he left back in May.

On a third Plus note: I get to go out for coffee with a friend of mine! YAY!!!! I’ve missed her.

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So for some reason this weekend I have been missing my grandmother. Not that I really need a reason to miss her, but it came on suddenly and with extreme force. To counter this feeling I picked up Genoa salami (sliced thin of course), Provolone cheese and some italian bread. IF it wasn’t so hot I”d have made creasha (Foccacia) I find that embracing the things she liked or did, eases my pain. Like she’s there with me cutting an apple into slices for the grandchildren, or at the door while I water the tomatoes, etc. It makes the loss that much bearable.

So I make myself a sandwich and suddenly I am surrounded by dogs. THey are all sitting pretty, dancing in circles and otherwise performing for me. Now don’t get me wrong, my dogs do have a tendency to beg for tidbits – but NOT like this.
I Look up and see the bag of pup-peroni above me and start to laugh.
The smell of the salami must be similar to their dog treats.. LOL Poor things were wondering why I was eating their treats.

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